Pampanguena Cafe Restaurant Gaithersburg Maryland

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I gave this restaurant five stars because in my opinion it’s the best FILIPINO restaurant in the DC area.  Everyone who is familiar with Filipino food knows that people from the Philippine province of Pampanga are known for their culinary skills.  The Pampangueña is owned by true kapampangans and the food there holds true to that fact.  The interior is clean and well maintained, and the ambiance is subdued and relaxing.  Americans would also feel comfortable in this restaurant’s environment. Ron H.

Being away from my comfort foods which are so easily accessible in SF, I was very happy to find Pampanguena!  I mean, this place is class…and that’s coming from someone who just came back from the Philippines a couple of weeks ago.  They have the full on bakery section with classics such as siopao, empanadas, and hopia.  They’ve got the chicken and pork BBQ, the sisig and chicharon, and they have a very complete turo-turo -cafeteria style- selection of favorites like adobo, kare-kare, etc.  They even have a complete dessert section, and pasalubong.  To top it off, you can catch all your latest filipino soap operas because their TV’s on TFC (the filipino channel)! Mark D.

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