Pampanguena Cafe Restaurant Gaithersburg Maryland


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Front of Pampanguena

Front of Pampanguena

Welcome To Pampanguena Please Come in

Welcome To Pampanguena Please Come in

Inside of Pampanguena

Inside of Pampanguena

Roasted Pig

Roasted Pig

Some of the unique Food

Some of the unique Food

halo-halo dessert

halo-halo dessert

the owners that make it possible

the owners that make it possible


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Your restaurant looks great, I can’t wait to try it out. When do you do the whole lechon???? That’s definitely the day we will stop in. Happy New Year and best wishes for success in 2009!

Comment by manju

you might need to request it, just like the sisig

Comment by Pampanguena Cafe

just wondering… do you guys cater???

Comment by gigi

yes we cater! 🙂

Comment by Pampanguena Cafe

hello po, i am so glad to come across your site! and for future reference, good to know you guys cater. (wedding in 2010 hehe) =P .Godbless!

Comment by A_TOLENTINO

Does the restaurant cater to large groups (i.e. wedding receptions?) and how much does the whole lechon cost?

Comment by Toni

yes we do! please come in or call us

Comment by Pampanguena Cafe

Yes the restaurant caters. You might need to call to get the price of the lechon.

Comment by Pampanguena Cafe

The food was worth the 40-minute drive. I miss Filipino food and “This is the place!” Very Pampanguena – awesome taste and clena place.

Comment by adelle

Ohhh God I love your food!!!

Too bad you close early on Thursday’s =(

Comment by David

it’s open till 6:30 😀

Comment by Pampanguena Cafe

I LOVE THIS RESTAURANT. Try the halo halo special 🙂 HMMMM <333

Comment by Jorge

Yes … and we come all the way from Fairfax, VA or at times from Philadelphia … The Food is that GOOD!!!

Comment by Tenten


Comment by Jose

OMG!! My boyfriend and I just got back from visiting this place the first time. We had the most amazing ethnic food in the Metro DC region. I’m always in search of divy, “hole in the wall”, authentic cuisines. When we walked in, this place looked very clean, functional, streamlined, counter-style (not buffet), Thank Gawd-nooo. He picked 2-dish combo (my suggestion), I selected the 3-dish combo, so we can taste as many of the counter-food as humanly possible. Every dish is a sensory feast, flavorful and distinct. This will be our weekly pilgrimage!!

Comment by Cynthia/Tim

Do you guys have Siopaos?

Comment by Jake

hello!!! po sana malapit kayo dito sa holibird sana din po meron kayong delivery.para maka order kami.maraming salamat po sana meron po,,,,

Comment by lamberto perez

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